Have you planned for an emergency?

What would happen to the person you care for if you were suddenly unable to look after them?

If there is someone who depends on you, you might worry about what would happen to that person if you were suddenly unable to look after them.

The person you care for may have a disability, an addiction, or problems with their mental health. They may be elderly or frail or a child with additional needs.

Whatever your caring role, we can give you peace of mind that if you have an emergency, the West Cheshire Carers Emergency Support Service can help ensure the person you care for will receive appropriate and rapid assistance.

Examples of an emergency:

  • You are late or unable to get home
  • You have an accident
  • You suddenly become ill
  • Because of another crisis, you are needed elsewhere

Features of the service:

  • Contingency planning.
  • Carers Emergency Card to carry in wallet or purse.
  • 24/7, year round emergency phone line.
  • Maximum of 72 hours emergency respite in the case of contingency plan failing.
  • Information about other care services.
  • All Aspects of the service are completely free.

If you would like more information about the Emergency card, please contact the helpline on 0300 102 0008 or contact Wendy at: wendy@cheshireandwarringtoncarers.org

To apply for an Emergency card online, please click the link below:

Emergency card online form

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