Our Funds – Cheshire West Only

We have funds to benefit carers in their caring role.  As a carer in the Cheshire West and Chester area you are welcome to apply to one of our funds. You have the chance to get money for the item you have applied for. You must be registered with us to apply to these funds.

These funds are provided to us by the council to help benefit the lives of carers. Below you can see all the funds we currently have available.

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If you are a carer and not registered with us click below toregister with us as a carer or call 0300 102 0008.

Carers Essentials Fund

Please read the enclosed guidelines of the fund carefully which give you more details about how the Fund may be able to support you and the requirements of the Fund, including the upper limits.  Applications for items or services over £400 will not be considered.

Carers can apply for anything which helps them in their caring role.

Funding is available to assist with the cost of providing new essential items for carers, to help ease the stresses, workload, and isolation often caused by their caring
role. Second-hand items may not be purchased.
Funds can be awarded for up to £250 towards one item or service which must not exceed £400 in total. Priority will be given to carers who have not accessed the fund in the last 12 months.
The request must be of direct practical benefit to the carer. This can include essential white goods, decorating, gardening, etc and you must be able to say how this
has benefitted you and helped you continue as a carer.
All applications must be from carers aged 18 years of age and over.
Carers can apply for anything which helps them in their caring role except:
Everyday regular items – for example – shopping, bills, on-going costs [insurance, car tax], car/house maintenance, Equipment for hobbies, Replacement care/respite or equipment for the person you care for, Goods or services that have already been bought.

Applicants must ask for one specific item or service, with actual costs, not general support, and enclose a tradesman’s estimate where appropriate for
decorating, etc. If you are in any doubt about what can be requested or how to complete the form,
please telephone our Helpline 0300 102 0008. The Panel, which meets monthly, only
has your application form on which to base its decisions.
For auditing purposes, a receipt for the item or service purchased must be provided
within 3 months.
 Grants are restricted to one per household within any financial year
and for data protection purposes, the forms must be signed by you, the carer.

Successful applicants will be contacted and asked how the award has helped them as
a carer – this will help with further funding in the future.

Wellbeing Fund

The Carers Wellbeing Fund could help you to access a break of your choice. Funds can be awarded up to £200 (with the average award being £125).

Carers can use the fund for: A UK short break (costing no more that £400), Days Out (theatre, cinema, meals, etc), towards a gym membership, complementary therapies or supporting a hobby/leisure activity. Awards are not guaranteed and priority will be given to carers where the caring role is having a significant impact on their daily life, health and wellbeing. If you are applying as a joint applicant, please state both of your names on the application form. 

What is excluded from the personal budget?

Everyday items e.g. shopping, bills, transport
Replacement care or respite for the person you
care for
Goods or services that have already been
Items that bring Carers Trust into disrepute e.g.
alcohol, drugs

Please apply by registering with us.

Household Support Fund

Carers can apply to the Cheshire and Warrington Carers Trust for Household Support Fund grants of up to £300 to fund essential items and costs. This fund is from the Government’s Household Support Fund, to support those most in need. This may include households not currently in receipt of DWP welfare benefits.

The criteria for funding is as follows:

Applications from Carers who reside in Cheshire West and Chester only and are registered with Cheshire West Carers Support Service. If you are not currently registered, please contact our helpline on 0300 102 0008 or email advice@cheshireandwarringtoncarers.org.
Applications can be for the cost of a single item or towards the cost of fuel, food or an essential service (up to a maximum of £300 per household).
– Priority will be given to those who have not received the fund from Cheshire and Warrington Carers Trust during the last 12 months .

We expect very high demand for this fund and will prioritise on need – please complete the form fully to allow us to make a decision.