About Us

We are Cheshire and Warrington Carers Trust, we are the lead providers of the Cheshire West Carer Support Service. Our offices are in Northwich, Chester and Crewe We’re working to improve the lives of carers. Together, we’re the people Carers Trust. Our mission is to shape a better future for the lives of unpaid carers across the UK. Make a difference with us. Find local carer support. Information and advice. Help & support for carers. We are a small section of the big Carers Trust charity. Since 1995, Cheshire and Warrington Carers Trust has been providing support for Carers, helping them to continue with their caring role, reducing Carer breakdown and enabling them to continue caring effectively. pported.

Our Mission Statement

Cheshire and Warrington Carers is a charity for, with and about carers. We work to improve support, services and recognition for anyone living with the challenges of caring, unpaid, for a family member or friend who is ill, frail, disabled or has mental health or addiction problems. Our vision is that unpaid carers count and can access the help they need to live their lives.


These are all our reviews left on our google page by our customers, as you can see by all the five starts we provide a very good service for our carers. If you would like to see more reviews than just what is seen left then click the blue link on reviews and if you would like to leave one click the link below:

Google Revews

Pamela Wells

You are welcomed straight away and if you need help, support in any matter, Ursula and Janice are lovely ladies. You have tea,biscuits or cakes and can chat with other people who are going through similar situations as you. Its a lovely place to be for an hour and...

Martyn Ellington

Lovely people always happy to help and advise where they can.

Dawn Connor

Very helpful people offering support and help with form filling for carers amongst other things as well.

Jenine de Leie

A great company for helping carers, especially with their mental health.

On the 12th March 2007 we moved into 146 London Road, this is now our head office and where most of our staff members are.

On 22nd July 2013 we changed name from Cheshire Carers Centre to Cheshire and Warrington Carers Trust

On January 2020 we changed our logo as seen below, if you see our logo still being publicly used please contact the party using it to update it.

Northwich Office

Chester Office

Crewe Office