Relive is bespoke intensive support for Carers of adults with targeted and complex needs over a short period of time ( up to 6 weeks) to prevent their caring role from breaking down.
We know that being a Carer can be physically and mentally demanding and that Carers may feel guilty about wanting to take a break. If Carers don’t take some time out, they can easily become tired and ill. This can have a huge impact on the person they care for and themselves.

The project aims to:

  • Use the Carer’s Star Model to identify current health and wellbeing
  • Create an action plan from the Star to implement changes to health and wellbeing
  •  Encourage Carer’s to become more socially active to develop their confidence and motivation
  •  Signpost onto relevant organisations and agencies
  •  Offer flexible support out of hours to widen participation
  •  Implement new routines and support networks to reduce feelings of isolation
  •  Access an Emergency Fund for an essential household item to help prevent a breakdown of the caring role

Carers must have had or in the process of having a Carers Assessment to access this service.

For more information about this project, please call:
Crewe office – 01270 215009

Project Manager- Claire Hancock 01270 215009

Jane Openshaw (Macclesfield, Wilmslow, Knutsford, Poynton) – 01625 839323

Sue Barnes (across Cheshire East) 01270 215009

Maggie Stordy (across Cheshire East) 01270 215009

Or email us at;

Our Helpline is Available Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm on 0300 102 0008

Other Services:


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Cheshire Carers Centre produce regular newsletters containing information on forthcoming events and activities and services updates.

Relaxation Vouchers (EAST CHESHIRE ONLY)

Treat yourself and relaxation with Carers Relaxation Vouchers.  In partnership with colleges across Cheshire and Warrington, the Carers relaxation Vouchers allow you to use the pampering at your local colleges in Macclesfield, Crewe. Northwich, Chester and Ellesmere Port.

Helpline for Carers

We have a helpline available Monday – Friday for all Carers and Professionals.

Please call us for information, advice and support – we will endeavour to answer your queries, provide a listening ear for Carers who may feel isolated and sign post Carers to relevant local and national agencies. ALL CARERS are encouraged to call us in the first instance.

Benefits Advice & Assistance (West)

Many Carers miss out on benefits they, or the person they care for are entitled to.

Cheshire and Warrington Carers Trust may be able to offer advice and assistance with specific Carer related benefit claims and help with the associated paperwork. Appointments can be made at our offices or at your home.

GP Carer Link

Does your GP know you are a Carer?

Our Carer Link Worker works closely with GP practices to raise awareness of Carers. We encourage Carers to register with their doctors as ‘Carers’ to ensure their particular needs are met.

Caring With Confidence

This national Course for Carers is being offered to all Carers through Cheshire and Warrington Carers Trust fully trained and accredited staff.

The course lasts for several weeks, and covers different topics which well help you to be more confident in your caring role.

Personal Budget Scheme (West only)

Are you in need of a break?

Our Carers Personal Budget Scheme may be able to help you.

A Carers Personal Budget is an amount of money awarded to you to give you a break from your caring role. You could receive up to £300 if you are successful and you can choose how and when this is spent.

Male Carers Support Group- Crewe

This is a monthly group for Male Carers – the meetings take place in Crewe.

All male carers are welcome to attend. The group take part in activities, sometimes a trip, sometimes a speaker will visit the group – it is a perfect opportunity to take a break from your caring role and gain support from other male carers.

Complementary Therapies & Relaxation

Caring for someone can be stressful and exhausting. Cheshire Carers Centre offer a range of complementary therapies at the Crewe, Macclesfield and Chester Centres. Treatments offered include neck, head and shoulder massage, relexology, aromatherapy and reiki.


We now offer a range of Therapies in our Crewe, Northwich, Chester & Macclesfield offices – if you would like to book a treatment please call