You are being asked to complete this survey because you have identified as a carer in Cheshire
West and Chester. We are gathering feedback from carers about taking a break from their caring
role. We are using the term ‘break’ to mean time for you to do something for yourself including
having a rest!
The first few questions are to help us identify the groups of people who have answered our
survey e.g. is it mainly female carers. The second group looks at your ability to take a break
from caring and if the services provided locally meet your needs.
If you provide contact details at the end of the survey you will be entered into a draw for a
chance to win a £25 gift voucher – your answers will not be linked to your contact details and all
responses are confidential.
If you would like to talk to someone about the survey please call the helpline on 0300 102 0008.